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Youth and Women's Center in Mwanza, Tanzania

A place of hope for the community of Nyashana

In Sukuma, the local language, Lubango means “blessing”. 

At Lubango Center we aim to empower children, young adults, and women. Thus, we focus above all on education and creation of financial independence in all our projects.


Those two goals are achieved through several initiatives like the kindergarten and the library, hand-craft classes and income-generating projects. By providing a meeting space as well as technical and organizational support, we do not only foster the personal development of each individual but also enhance the notion of being part of a strong community - both are especially important for women. 

The area of Nyashana, where the center is located, sits on one of the many hills that surround the city center of Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city. It was originally settled by landless squatters who moved to Mwanza from rural areas, hoping to find a better life in the city. Nyashana remains one of Mwanza’s poor areas until today. The unemployment-rate among the population is high. Lot‘s of young people drop out of school early as they have little support in a poor environment. Girls are often obligated to housework whereas boys mainly seek jobs as day laborers (kibarua). Those who don’t find work spend their days on the streets. 

The idea to found a center for youths and women in this area was inspired by Father Raymond Manyanga from the Society of Jesuits, whose belief is „… that our future lies in the hands of the youths and the women. We want to propose a special place where people can meet, learn and spend their free time in a good ambiance.“

Lubango is an institution of the Catholic Church. It is open for everyone, no matter their religious beliefs –

please feel free to visit or contact us


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