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“Teach me to do it myself” summarizes the well-known Montessori education method which we apply with great success at our kindergarten.


This project was initiated by Father Raymond Manyanga in order to prevent pre-school children from lingering on the streets. Children aged 3-6 years receive half-day care in two groups of 30 and also a nutritious meal each day, the “uji”. Our goal is to prepare them for Primary School and to support their development as individual personalities. Their teachers were trained at the Montessori Training Center in Mwanza. The children are taught basic writing, reading and maths, are encouraged to creative activities and develop important social skills – all this at their own pace. There is also an outside playground where they enjoy playing with each other in a childfriendly environment. 

Many of the children’s families are very poor and can hardly afford the annual fee for the kindergarten. If you want to sponsor one of our children to facilitate its pre-school education, please click here for further information.

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