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necklace short

Length: approx. 50cm

Our short necklaces are additionally equipped with a closure. You can embellish your outfit also by combining different colors.

elastic bracelet

Size: approx. 7cm in diameter

This rather voluminous bracelet on elastic thread is also available in many different colours.

bracelet "Culture"

Sizes: 5cm or 7cm in diameter

The "Culture" bracelets, made from recycled plastic strips and threads for fishing nets, are a stylish gadget - even for men.

key chain "Lubango"

Length: approx. 10cm

Once again paper pearls and small Maasai style beads - this time put together to our "Lubango" key chain creation. Never ever loose your keys again!

key chain "Fringe"

Length: approx. 10cm

The colourful look of our "Fringe" key chains makes them catch the eye and pep up your bunch of keys. 

bracelet "Maasai"

Sizes: 5cm or 7cm in diameter

Another bracelet equally fitting for men, women and children is our "Maasai" bracelet. The INUKA women were taught to make this beautiful beadwork by real Maasai, who were invited to the center.

elastic bracelet, simple

Size: approx. 6cm in diameter

Our single row elastic bracelet is especially popular with children.

necklaces long and medium

Length: approx. 180cm (long), 70cm (medium)

Our beautiful necklaces and other jewellery are made from recycled paper pearls mixed with matching local Maasai style beads.


Size: 2cm

Our earrings, also created from recycled paper pearls and Maasai style beads are comfortably light and form a nice complement to the necklaces.

spiral bracelet

Sizes: 6cm or 7cm in diameter

Tastefully combined beads on a three rows spiral wire. These bracelets can also be ordered together with necklace and earrings of the same colour.

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